Why can't I edit pages on the API Portal?

Currently, editing on talk pages is open to all logged-in users. Editing on content pages and user pages is currently restricted to the documentation editors group. This is due to limited resources for patrolling during the 2020-2021 experimental phase of the API Portal. We look forward to opening the API Portal to traditional editing in the future. To become a documentation editor, add a comment to the Contributing discussion page. To create a global user page, visit Meta Wiki.

Does the API Portal show OAuth 1.0 clients?

No, the API Portal displays OAuth 2.0 clients only. To view your OAuth 1.0 clients, visit your client list on Meta.

Can I use the API Portal with a different skin?

The API Portal is designed to be used with the WikimediaApiPortal skin only. The site may not function correctly if used with another skin. If you're experiencing issues navigating the site with a global skin preference enabled, we recommend setting an exception to use the WikimediaApiPortal skin with the API Portal.

When will the API Portal be available in other languages?

We're looking forward to enabling translation for the API Portal in 2021. If you're interesting in helping with translation, please leave a comment on the Contributing discussion page.