Tools are apps and scripts that help editors maintain Wikimedia projects. They can include editing tools, browser tools, citation tools, and anti-vandalism tools. By making use of Wikimedia APIs, tools can provide helpful features that build on Wikipedia projects.

Getting started with tools

Before creating a tool, visit Toolhub to see what is currently available and how you can contribute to an existing tool.

Getting started with bots

Bots are automated tools that carry out repetitive tasks to maintain Wikimedia projects. Each Wikimedia project has a policy that governs the creation and implementation of bots.

Before creating a bot, visit your local Wikimedia project to discover what bots are currently active and how you can contribute to them. Your local wiki should include a bot policy that determines the process for creating and implementing a bot. For example, on English Wikipedia, visit the bots portal.

Hosting for tools and bots

Tools and bots related to maintaining Wikimedia projects can be hosted on the Wikimedia Toolforge servers. Visit the Toolforge portal on Wikitech to get started.