Thanks for your interest in the API Portal! The API Portal is a work-in-progress project to provide a set of consistent, Wikimedia-related APIs through a central domain: This page provides an introduction to what you can expect when adding your API to the Portal at this stage.

Authentication and authorization

The API Portal is designed to use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. Write requests to (POST, PUT, and DELETE methods) require an OAuth 2.0 token. Developers can register an OAuth 2.0 key and learn about OAuth workflows through the API Portal.

Rate limits

Requests to are subject to centrally defined rate limits. Rate limits are based on the type of OAuth 2.0 workflow used by the consumer. Requests without an OAuth 2.0 token are subject to a significantly lower rate limit. Visit the documentation for specific rate limits.

Status and documentation

The API Portal is currently under construction and has not been announced to the public. Although the Portal is publicly available, links to documentation in the API Portal should not be shared publicly due to its work-in-progress status.

Feedback and next steps

To learn more about how to add your API to the Portal, visit the API gateway on Wikitech. We’d love to hear your feedback on this process; reach out to us on the discussion page.