The Wikimedia API is a RESTful API that accepts versioned, namespaced URLs, uses standard HTTP methods and response codes, and returns JSON-formatted responses.

Featured content

Get daily featured articles, most read pages, and more.

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Featured content endpoint

On this day

Explore holidays and historical events for any date.

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On this day endpoint


Discover free knowledge on Wikipedia and other projects.

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Search endpoints


Get pages from Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

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Page endpoints

Media files

Get freely licensed images, audio, and video.

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Media file endpoints


Explore page history and compare revisions.

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Revision endpoints

Link recommendations

Suggest links to add to an article.

Link recommendation overview
Get link recommendations endpoint

URL structure

To build a request, include the base URL, namespace, version, project, and language.

# Base URL

# Structure
{base URL}/{namespace}/v{version number}/{project name}/{language code}/{endpoint}

# Example: Get the Earth article from English Wikipedia

Response codes

The Wikimedia API uses HTTP status codes to indicate the success or failure of a request. A successful request returns a status code in the 200 range; a failed request returns a status code in the 400 or 500 range.

200 Resource found or updated
201 Resource created
400 Invalid or missing parameter
403 Permission denied
404 Route not found
412 Invalid conditional request
415 Unsupported content type
429 Rate limit exceeded
500 Server error